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BILL NO. 20-507Ord.No:          19141

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20-507 - 1R.  An ordinance authorizing the City of Independence, Missouri, to enter into an equipment lease purchase agreement with Motorola Solutions, Inc., the proceeds of which will be used to pay the costs of acquiring certain radio equipment; and to approve the execution of certain documents in connection therewith, and declaring an emergency.


It is recommended that the city enter into a 7 year lease purchase option with Motorola for the public safety radio system upgrade.  The annual cost would be $187,670.36 with the total cost being $1,313,692.52
Executive Summary:

The City of Independence Public Safety Radio System is required to upgrade the MPLS router and replace the microwave due to the fact that Motorola will no longer support the system due to age of both the router and microwave.  Both items were parts of the original radio system implementation during the early 2000's.  The life span for these items is generally 10 years.  Upon reviewing several purchase options, it is apparent that a 7 year lease purchase would be the best fiscal option for the city.  The 7 year lease option would have an annual cost of $187,670.36 for a total cost of $1,313,692.36.  The City of Blue Springs and the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District are partners with the City of Independence for the radio system and they will also have costs associated with this system upgrade.  Central Jackson County Fire Protection District will make a down payment of $132,500.00.

The city of Independence Public Safety Radio system is a prime site system that provides radio coverage for both the Police and Fire Departments as well as other city departments.  The radio system also provides coverage to the City of Blue Springs and the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District, who are partners and share maintenance costs for the radio system.  The Independence School District, Blue Springs School District, Metropolitan Community College (Blue River CC), Lake City Ammunition Plant, and most of the law enforcement agencies in Eastern Jackson County utilize the radio system and are charged subscriber fees to help off set the maintenance costs of the radio system.  The radio system connects with the Kansas City Radio system, thus between the two systems, all of Eastern Jackson County has radio coverage throughout the entire Kansas City Metropolitan Region.
Emergency Justification:

The current price quote from Motorola includes an approximate $286,000.00 discount if the agreement is signed by July 24, 2020.  If the agreement is not signed by July 24th, 2020, the total cost for the upgrade will increase to $1,615,380

Fiscal Impact:

The fiscal impact to the city is $1,192.500. The annual lease payments are budgeted in the following 2020-2021 budgets: 


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