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City of Independence
Postponed to 7/27/20

Agenda Title:

Council action is requested to issue a purchase order to ConvergeOne Inc. in the amount of $1,567,399.50 for cyber security infrastructure and support services. 

Council action to issue a purchase order.

This project is designed as a comprehensive cyber security solution that will enhance the City’s overall cyber security posture in order to protect the City’s network and data. This will be accomplished through the combination of new security infrastructure for the network, managed security analytics and incident response, and support services.

Cyber security infrastructure will provide protection for endpoints (computers/laptops), servers, mobile devices and cloud-hosted applications that deliver critical services.

Managed security analytics and incident response will enable real-time professional monitoring and analytics of our security system and 24/7/365 incident response to detect, contain, mitigate, and recover from any security incident.

Cyber security support services are needed to manage mandatory controls to ensure compliance with several security frameworks and government standards.  This project will also help maintain industry standard cyber security controls as they mature and change.

Much of the City’s network security equipment is beyond end of life.  It is necessary to replace this equipment to maintain effective protections for our systems and data.

This will be purchased from ConvergeOne Inc., who has a contract through the Cooperating School Districts of Greater Kansas City IT Contract and the National Cooperative Purchase Alliance. The contracts are  C062518 and NCPA 01-96.


Per section 8.06.004, Paragraph 4 of the City Code states competitive bidding is not required when purchases are made through a cooperative contract established by a government purchasing entity or cooperative. The cooperative bids used will have been established pursuant to RSMo. 70.220 or generally accepted governmental purchasing practices through the competitive bidding process.

Fiscal Impact:

This purchase will be paid with tax-exempt financing.  The debt service will be paid out of the internal service fund and charged back to operational funds based on their share of usage.  The first debt service payment is anticipated to be in July 2022 and will be included in the 2022-2023 budget.


Department:          Finance And AdministrationContact Person:          Jason Newkirk

Technology Services DepartmentApproved
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City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

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