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City of Independence
BILL NO. 20-0591R.

Agenda Title:

20-059 - 1R.  An Ordinance Approving the Establishment of the Independence Square Community Improvement District.

The Economic Development & Incentives Commission voted on July 15, 2020 to recommend approval. Staff concurs with the EDIC recommendation.
Executive Summary:

Passage of this Ordinance would approve the establishment of the Independence Square Community Improvement District (CID).  Once established, the CID would pursue approval by voters within the District of a special sales tax collected only within the District.  Funds thus generated would be used to improve and promote the District as outlined in the Petition. 

A Petition has been submitted which asks the City Council to establish the Independence Square Community Improvement District.  The Petition has been signed by a majority of property owners in the District, who also represent a majority of the assessed value within the District.  If approved by the City Council, the CID will pursue approval by voters within the District of a special sales tax to be collected only within the District as authorized by state law. Funds thus generated will be used to improve and promote the District as outlined in the Petition. Planned improvements include landscaping, benches, banners, trash cans, art, façade improvements, and other amenities which will supplement planned Streetscape improvements.  Funds will also be used for Square events and promotion.  Independence seeks to follow the lead of other cities across the state which have used the CID structure to help revitalize their historic Downtowns.  

Fiscal Impact:

Approval of the establishment of the District will have no direct fiscal impact to the City. If voters in  the District approve the special sales tax, the approximately $77,000 generated annually will help expand economic development around the Square, which will in turn boost City revenues. 

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