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Council action to issue a purchase order to Toth & Associates, in the amount of $566,024.00, for Substation E Switchgear Replacement for the Power & Light Department.

Council action to issue a purchase order.

Substation E is located at 35th and Northern in Independence, Missouri. It is a 69/13 kV distribution substation built in 1974. Substation E services power to surrounding commercial and residential customers with two (2) 20 MVA transformers, via six (6) distribution feeders. The rebuild is warranted due to the age and condition of the switchgear.

Replacement of the switchgear is the next step in refurbishment of the Substation. Previously the two transformers were replaced: one in 2019 (failed catastrophically) and the second in 2020. Switchgear replacement and associated work is recommended to prevent future failures at Substation E.

The Switchgear Replacement project for Substation E will include removal and replacement of the existing switchgear, 69kV potential transformers, and transmission poles. Engineering Services will include detailed specifications for the project including the major materials. Since excavation work will be needed near the new transformers, oil spill containment will also be designed and then installed during the construction phase. The existing substation control room was previously modernized with only minor work required to connect to the new switchgear, limiting the work required on the control room.


To secure engineering services three firms were contacted from the City’s pre-qualified architect and engineers list. The three firms contacted were Black & Veatch, Burns & McDonnell, and Toth & Associates. Black & Veatch chose not to provide qualifications. Both Burns & McDonnell and Toth provided a qualifications package as requested. Toth & Associates is currently providing engineering services for the Substation K rebuild of a similar scope with excellent performance. For the Substation E switchgear replacement qualifications proposal, Toth & Associates provided the best value consisting of experience, available resources, and then negotiated cost.

Toth & Associates proposal of $566,024.00 is $162,176 below the engineer’s estimate of $728,200.00. Approval of this item authorizes Power & Light to approve change orders up to 10% of the approved amount.

Fiscal Impact:

IPL Fund: 0020
Acct. No.: 70201804 5406 1714
Amount: $566,024.00

Department:          Power and LightContact Person:          James Nail

Power and Light DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

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