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City of Independence

Agenda Title:

Council action is requested to authorize the City Manager to purchase video detection system equipment from Gades Sales Company Inc for an amount not to exceed $54,240.00 for the replacement of existing vehicle detection systems at three intersections.

Approval of the video detection system equipment is recommended.

Executive Summary:

Approval is requested for the City Manager to purchase video detection system equipment for replacement of existing loop detection infrastructure at three signalized intersections:  Blue Ridge Boulevard and Sterling Avenue; Lexington Avenue and Walnut Street; and Heartland Drive and Little Blue Parkway.  Issues with the current loop detection results in traffic delays and inefficiencies due to the lack of detection provided.  These improvements would resolve any current issues, optimize signal timing, and reduce driver delays.


Traffic signal detection equipment is replaced occasionally. Typically replacement occurs either during maintenance activities, such as the annual pavement maintenance program, or at the end of a detection systems useful life. Historically, best practice is to replace loops in the pavement with non-invasive detection such as video detection systems, when feasible.  This avoids replacement during the next pavement maintenance operation.


There are currently multiple signalized intersections that have damaged loops in the pavement that have not been a part of the pavement overlay program or have been damaged, impacting daily travel of motorists. The equipment being purchased will be used at 3 signalized intersections to address current problems with signal operations and is consistent with equipment purchased for standard maintenance of this type of equipment.

Fiscal Impact:

The fiscal impact to the City is $54,240.00.  Funding for the Iteris NEXT Video Systems is included in the Operation Greenlight (OGL) traffic controllers project (Project No. 70110704), appropriated by Ordinance No. 18906 in July 16, 2018.

Department:          Municipal ServicesContact Person:          Lisa Phelps

Public Works DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

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