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Council Action is requested to issue a purchase order to Power Engineers in the amount of $125,000 for a Siting Study and development of a Request for Proposals for Replacement Generation Resources for the Power & Light Department.

Council action to issue a Purchase Order to Power Engineers.

The Power & Light Department is developing recommendations for new power generation resources to replace the aging Combustion Turbines in the IPL portfolio, pursuing a strategy to maintain the reliability of the distribution system while also positioning IPL to enhance the revenue opportunities within the Southwest Power Pool Integrated Market.  New developments in generation technology create a wide range of options that could be proposed by potential vendors. In order to limit the range of proposals to be evaluated, a two step process will be used.  First, a siting study is to be performed to evaluate the potential locations within the IPL system, identify physical limitations of those sites, and the advantages or restrictions that could impact the selection of suitable technologies.  Based on the results of the Siting Study, a Request of Proposals will be developed tailored to those identified locations and technologies and with suitable evaluation criteria to allow Independence to make the best choice for system reliability and operational flexibility. 


Following the city Procurement Policy for obtaining professional services, IPL staff contacted firms on the approved A&E list.  Four firms responded.  Power Engineers was the unanimous choice of the evaluation group and was also the lowest cost offer. 

Fiscal Impact:

The fiscal impact to the City is $125,000.  Funding for the Siting Study and RFP development is included in the FY 2021 adopted budget, page 136, account number 6110-5226.

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