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Purchase order 21000802, in the amount of $53,519.00 was issued to Layne Christensen – A Granite Company (“Layne”) for emergency repairs to Well No. 22 at the Courtney Bend Water Plant for the Water Department.


Staff is providing notification to the City Council of this purchase.


The Water Department for the City of Independence relies on well water in the distribution system at the Courtney Bend Water Treatment Plant. Well No. 22 is in need for repair so the Water Department issued a purchase order in March for $13,635 to Layne Christensen – A Granite Company (“Layne”) for repair materials and labor. It was determined additional materials and labor were required to completely repair that well. An emergency change order request to Purchase Order 21000802 was issued May 12, 2021 to Layne for an increase of $39,884.00 which is required to properly repair Well #22 and return it to service. The cost increase is for necessary repair and/or replacement of pumping equipment removed from the well by Layne. These necessary costs can only be determined once the equipment is removed from a well and inspected. The total for the purchase order is now $53,519.00.

Performing this work will allow for Well #22 to resume operation supplying water to the Courtney Bend Water Treatment Plant. Layne is a service provider specializing in construction and repair of water well infrastructure, and has performed similar services for the Water Department in the past.

The Water Department operates and maintains supply wells to provide an adequate raw water supply to the Courtney Bend Water Treatment Plant for treatment and distribution of treated drinking water to the entire City of Independence and a significant portion of the Eastern Kansas City Metro area. Executing this work is essential to the Water Department’s ability to provide adequate supply of drinking water during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Delay of this work is not recommended.

This project will be funded by the Water Department’s FY20-21 4830 operating budget account.

Fiscal Impact:

Fiscal Impact. The fiscal impact to the City is $53,519.00. Funding for Well Repairs is included in the Fiscal Year 2020-21 adopted budget, page number 159, account number 4830 from the operating budget account.

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