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City of Independence
Postponed to 6/21

Agenda Title:

Budget Amendment Request No. 1 for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.-Requested by Councilmember Karen DeLuccie

Section 1. The City Manager is directed to adjust the following accounts in the following amounts from the Submitted Budget for Fiscal Year 21-22:

Open the National Frontier Trails Museum:

Tourism Fund: 6061 - Reduce Personnel Services by $203,777; reduce Contractual Services by $49,281

Tourism Fund: 6062 – Increase Personnel Services by $327,642; increase Contractual Services by $79,232; increase Commodities by $17,000

Shifts 1.49 FTE’s from 6061 to 6062; adds 1.0 FTE and 1.79 part-time FTE’s to 6062

Total increase to the Tourism fund of $170,816

Increase spending from fund balance for Historic Sites Capital Improvements:

Tourism Fund: 7004 - 5406 – Increase Other Improvements by $125,000

Tourism Fund: 7004 – 5404 – Increase Mobile Equipment by $30,000

Total increase to the Tourism fund of $155,000

Repayment of loan from Park Sales Tax to cover expenses in Tourism Fund:

Tourism Fund: Increase funding for the repayment of the temporary loan from the Park Sales Tax, up to a maximum amount of $240,092, equal to the total expenditures for cost center 6049 for fiscal year 20/21

Total increase to the Tourism fund of $240,092

This item has been created in order to open up and operate the National Frontier Trails Museum, increase spending from fund balance for historic sites capital improvements, and to repay the temporary loan from Park Sales Tax.  
Department:          Parks, Recreation and TourismContact Person:          Morris Heide

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City Clerk DepartmentApproved

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