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BILL NO. 21-786Res.No:          6710

Agenda Title:

21-786 - A resolution authorizing an agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-Maintenance and Clerical Bargaining Unit, for the term of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024. 

Staff recommends approval in substantially the same form as presented.  

City staff and the IBEW-M&C negotiating committee have been meeting for several months on a new three-year agreement. On July 6, 2021, the City Council authorized an extension of the current agreement through September 30 to allow final terms to be negotiated. The IBEW-M&C Bargaining Unit ratified the agreement on July 27, 2021.   

Key terms of the agreement include:


  • Reducing the number of Steps in the wage table by one step
  • Increasing the entry rate of pay
  • Flexibility to hire staff with relevant experience at Steps 1 or 2.  
  • Removing the Standby Pay provision from the Snow Duty section. Employees working snow duty will now be paid a higher wage throughout the year. 
  • 2% wage table adjustments in Years 2 and 3.   

Fiscal Impact:

The fiscal impact is projected to be $510,000 over the life of the agreement. 


Funds are budgeted in the following accounts and will be budgeted in future years as follows:


Fund 004: 5100

Fund 005: 5100

Fund 007: 5100

Fund 010: 5100

Fund 012: 5100

Fund 040: 5100

Fund 090: 5100

GF: 5100



Department:          City ManagerContact Person:          Adam Norris

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