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IPL Generation Siting Study
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IPL contracted with Power Engineers to conduct a study of existing generation facilities, evaluating each site's suitability for potential replacement generation and to eliminate those technologies that are not a suitable candidate for those locations.  The results of the siting study will be used to inform the development of a Request for Proposals for new generation assets to facilitate the retirement of the current Combustion Turbines.

Proposals for new generation assets must be approved by Southwest Power Pool.  The current SPP review process is a four to five year timeline and also results in all applicants sharing any resulting transmission system upgrade costs.  An alternative approval process allows for the replacement of existing generation assets at the existing locations and transmission limits.  This replacement process has a greatly reduced timeline and would not impose a share of any other project's transmission upgrades.  In order to pursue this alternative process, IPL engaged Power Engineers to do a study of currently available technologies and their suitability for each of the Combustion Turbine sites as well as the Blue Valley Power Plant.  Identifying the physical limitations of each location as well as the suitability of the various technologies at those sites will enable IPL to develop a focused Request For Proposals, eliminating the need to review proposals that will not fit within the identified limitations.
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