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 Council action is requested to issue a purchase order to Primetime Contracting Corp., in the amount of $377,798.00 for the Rock Creek Treatment Facility, and Rock Creek Pump Station fencing Capital Improvement project for the Municipal Services Department.


Council action to issue purchase order.


The Municipal Services Department/Water Pollution Control Division is in need of having a contractor provide for the removal of old and installation of new fence at Rock Creek Treatment Facility and Rock Creek Pump Station.
The treatment facility has 4,500 feet of fence and the Pump Station has 1,400 feet of fence. The current fences are out of compliance and require replacement. The project includes ten (10) feet of brush clearing on both sides of the fence to facilitate the fence replacement and future maintenance.

The Procurement Division issued Invitation to Bid (ITB) #21065 on July 28, 2021. The ITB was publicly available on the City’s e-bidding service provider, Public Purchase. Twenty (20) potential bidders were notified, fourteen (14) accessed the bid.

The City received three (3) bids in response to ITB #21065. Upon review by City staff, it was determined the bid of $377,798.00 submitted by Primetime Contracting Corp. met the requirements specified.

This project is identified as Municipal Services Department Capital Improvement Fund project number 302008.

Approval of this item shall authorize change orders up to a total of ten (10) percent of the original authorized amount for each order, provided appropriations are available.

Fiscal Impact:

The fiscal impact to the City is $377,798.00. Funding has been encumbered and carried forward from previous fiscal years. $200,000 was budgeted from FY20, budget book page 157, and $177,798 was budgeted from FY21, budget book page 90, Project string E(302008 -C) Rock Creek Treatment Plant Fence and account number E(7030-5406) Other Improvements.

Department:          Municipal ServicesContact Person:          Lisa Phelps

Purchasing Division (Finance Department)Approved
Water Pollution Control DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:         

Official Bid Tab - ITB #21065Backup Material
WPC Wastewater Treatment Plant - 9600 NorledgeExhibit
Rock Creek Treatment Plant FencelineExhibit
Rock Creek Pump Station FencelineExhibit