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BILL NO. 21-511Ord.No:          19259

Agenda Title:

21-511 - 1R.  An ordinance approving a Final Plat for McBee Landing, Lots 1 thru 4, in Independence, Missouri; and declaring an emergency.

Commissioner Preston made a motion to recommend approval of the final plat of McBee Landing, Lots 1 thru 4.  A second to the motion was made by Commissioner Michell. The City Planning Commission voted as follows:

Commissioner Wiley



Commissioner Preston



Commissioner Ferguson



Commissioner Michell



Commissioner McClain



Commissioner Young










The motion passed with a recommendation for approval to be forwarded to the City Council for consideration.  Staff concurs with the recommendation of the Planning Commission.

Executive Summary:

McBee Development requests approval of a Final Plat for the properties located at 1401, 1409, 1503 and 1505 E. 23rd Street S. and 2351 S. Haden Street. The applicant intends to develop a four-lot subdivision. 


Three lots and a tract along the E. 23rd Street corridor have been rezoned to C-2 (General Commercial).  The 30,604-square foot western lot and 33,217-square foot middle lot have yet to have a proposed use.  The applicant intends to construct a high-end, tunnel carwash on the 50,309-square foot eastern most lot.  The tract to the southeast will be the site of the detention basin.  Prior to site plan and building permit approval, the property must be replatted.  South of the commercial lots, the remaining 6.9-acre property has kept its existing R-6 (Single-Family Residential) zoning at this time.

Access to the subdivision will be via S. Haden Street extended across 23rd Street along the western edge of the development.  South of the intersection, a private driveway will extend eastward south of the commercial lots providing access.  Lot 1 will have a driveway off 23rd Street as well aligned with Woodbury Street.  Haden Street will be built to City standards.  Public sidewalks are needed on both sides of the street.

Lots 3, 2 and 1 will be addressed as 1401, 1409 and 1503 E. 23rd Street S.  Tract A and Lot 4 will be addressed as 1505 E. 23rd Street S. and 2351 S. Haden Court.


Consistency with Independence for All, Strategic Plan:  The proposal is consistent with the Goal, “Increase economic prosperity of community”.  It meets the strategy to, “recruit business.”

Comprehensive Plan Guiding Land Use Principles:  The proposal is consistent with the Guiding Principle, “Foster redevelopment opportunities within the city to revitalize used or underused property”.  It meets the policies to, “Encourage redevelopment or adaptive reuse of vacant or underutilized buildings and sites,” and, “Encourage reinvestment in our existing neighborhoods.”

Traffic Study:  Tran Systems prepared a study for the Preliminary Plat and proposed residential and commercial development McBee Landing.  The study included trip generation estimates, trip distribution estimates, capacity analysis and a summary of findings.  McBee’s Coffee and Carwash’s planned driveway will be aligned with Woodbury Street and an extension to Haden Street will be aligned with the existing segment north of 23rd Street.  Sight distances will be adequate for both accesses.

The study indicates that most side street movements at the study intersections are projected to operate at level E or F (the worst categories for intersection movements) during peak hours.  This is largely due to high traffic volumes on 23rd Street.  The suggested mitigation is to construct additional outbound lanes on the driveway and Haden Street to permit the bypass of left-turning vehicles.  Traffic volumes from the side streets and driveway will not be enough to warrant any signalization of the intersections.

Historic and Archeological Sites: There are no apparent historic/archeological issues with this property.

Public Utilities:  All utilities are present and available near the site.

Easements:  Standard 5 and 7½-foot wide general utility easements will be provided along rights-of-way and rear property lines.

Emergency Justification:

Council mandates that all final plats are to be emergency ordinances to expedite the development process.

Department:          Community DevelopmentContact Person:          Tom Scannell

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